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The Canadian Museum of Nature sits in the historical Victoria Memorial Museum that started construction in 1901, but was not officially open to the public until 1912. The museum's first fossil gallery opened in the beginning of 1913 and in July of that year the museum displayed it's first Dinosaur called Edmontosauraus Regalis. This dinosaur is still on display today. From 1916 to 1920 the building was briefly used as the Parliament due to a fire. After the Parliament left the museum was divided into two. One half of the museum was dedicated to Nature and the other to the History of man. Eventually the History of Man portion of the museum would move to a new location and in the 60 to the 70's the building undergoes massive renovation due to the building sinking. The building finally became what it is today from 2004- 2010 as the building was gutted completely and the exterior was rebuilt to combine the old with the new. In 2010 Queen Elizabeth II actually dedicated the museum.
Today some of the permanent exhibits include it's famous Fossil Gallery, Canada Goose Arctic Gallery, Water Gallery, Earth Gallery, Nature Live, Mammal Gallery and Bird Gallery.  The Fossil Gallery covers approximately 85 to 35 million years ago. Like mentioned before the original Edmontosauraus Regalis still resides in the collection along with the relatively new Spiclypeus Shipporum. Over 30 complete skeleton are in the collection as well as fleshed-out life-sized models so guests can envision the massive creatures when they roamed the earth. The Canada Goose Arctic Gallery is a more interactive exhibit with authentic specimens, artifacts, state of the art multimedia, fun learning games, and more. The exhibit even includes a section on indigenous perspectives. Overall the museum is a great opportunity to learn more about Canada, it's rich nature, and have fun along the way.